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What Are Ventilated Butterfly Valves?
Posted: 12/09/2014 09:43:32  Hits: 2037
Purpose of Ventilated Butterfly Valves

A ventilated butterfly valve is a type of non-sealed butterfly valves. It is widely applied in 0.1Mpa-NP pipes used in production process such as architecture, metallurgy, mine and electricity. It is used to connect, switch, or adjust pipes.
Major Characters of Ventilated Butterfly Valves

   Nominal Pressure (PN): 0.05~0.1Mpa
   Operation temperature: -10~300℃、-30~500℃
   Drive mode: manual operation, power-driven, air-actuated, hydraulic drive, electric-hydraulic
   Applicative medium: dusty gas, air, coal gas
   Leakage rate: <3%
Design Features of Ventilated Butterfly Valves

1. A ventilated butterfly valve is made by welding steel plate, with characteristcs of short size, light weight and convenient installment. It can be operated easily because of its short driving moment and flexible switch. There is a seal retainer on its body withou gap for low spillage rate.
There is big space between the butterfly disc and valve body, which can effectively prevent breakdown due to expansion with heat and contraction with cold. This valve can be equipped with various driven device, such as manual, worm gear, pneumatic or electric-driven one.
2. There is no connecting rod or bolt inside, and it can work reliably for a long time. It can also be multi-functionally installed and not be influenced by medium.
Ventilated Butterfly Valves