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Valve Storage and Quality Assurance
Posted: 10/28/2015 13:56:41  Hits: 470
1. The storage site shall not be selected in the lower-lying areas.
2. The storage place should be well ventilated, dry and clean, don't store the valve in open space, and there should no corrosive materials.
3. The storage area should be easy to transport, and with lifting equipment.
4. The packing-case should be checked before storing, if the inner package was damaged, then you should check the valve, if they have been seriously polluted and damaged, you need to report it to the related departments.
5. To check if the receipt is accordance with the product type, quantity, etc.
6. Storage should be neatly arranged, for overlap stacking, heavy boxes should be placed below while light boxes placed on the top. Attention that the boxes must be put stability to avoid tilt down.
7. Storage products should have records, including product name, model number, storage location, access time, handling personnel, etc.
8. Pay attention to the storage requirements. Have periodic inspection and make records within the storage time. Regular inspect the desiccant and timely replace it.
9. From the date of shipment within 18 months, if there are any material defects, manufacturing quality, design and other causes of damage in normal operating conditions, the manufacturer shall be responsible for the free warranty or parts replacement.
Valve Storage and Quality Assurance