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Some Knowledge of Eccentric Semi-ball Valve
Posted: 05/29/2015 09:09:34  Hits: 254
Economic development has provided the safeguard for the progress of many industries. For valves concerned, after decades of development, China's valves are strong enough to compete with the international valves. Therefore, for new users, it is very important to know some information about eccentric semi-ball valve.

Eccentric semi-ball valve and flange valve belong to the same type of valve, but the difference is that the closure member of eccentric semi-ball valve is a sphere and this sphere can rotate around the center line of the body to achieve the open and close movement. Ball valves are mainly used for cutting, distribution and changing the direction of the media flow in pipeline application. Two-piece ball valves and three-piece ball valves are new kind of valves which have been widely used in recent years.

By rotating valve chain, eccentric semi-ball valve can make itself work smoothly. With light switch, small size, reliable sealing, simple structure and easy maintenance, ball valves can also be produced with large diameter. What’s more, because the sealing surface and spherical surface are often in closed state so that the valve can not be easily eroded by medium and thus has made the eccentric semi-ball valve been widely used in various industries.

Eccentric semi-ball valve is a relatively new type of ball valves and it has its own unique structure, such as no switch friction, small open and close torque, good sealing character and it can not be worn easily. All these advantages can reduce the specifications of its actuator. With multi-turn actuators, eccentric semi-ball valve can be worked on media regulation and cutting. It has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, urban drainage and other working conditions which are strict on media cutting.

Through the description of the eccentric semi-ball valve above, we have a preliminary understanding of this kind of ball valve. With deeply concerned on the development of petroleum, chemical, urban construction and other fields, we do believe that for the future development of eccentric half ball is bright and glorious.
                         Some Knowledge of Eccentric Semi-ball Valve