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Selection of Safety Valves in Different Areas
Posted: 08/11/2015 08:08:35  Hits: 351
In the heating system, there is a large demand for safety valves for which they provide a lot of security for the entire system. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain them in daily life. When the pressure value exceeds the specified parameters, the valve will open automatically in the water supply system. And in normal circumstances, we use the maximum pressure parameter as a reference for the maximum value of opening pressure of a safety valve.

1. For steam boiler system, under normal circumstances, we usually use full open spring safety valves of s10 series.
2. Normally, micro open spring safety valves of s10 series are used to transmit liquid substance.
3. Generally, fully enclosed safety valves are used in air or other gas transmission situations.
4. In liquefied gas and oil transmission systems, we usually use built-in fully open safety valves.

For safety valves, we need to do the opening and closing test regularly and it is better to install a lift wrench above them. In this case, we can rise the lift wrench to heighten the disc and finally to check the body flexibility when a valve reaching 75 percent of the transporting substance pressure. In everyday use, one thing is important to note that, in many corrosive transmission situations, we’d better to use corrugated steel safety valves so as to best protect the internal components.
Selection of Safety Valves in Different Areas