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Reason and Solution for the Failure of Locator Calibration
Posted: 04/30/2015 07:50:00  Hits: 286
 Usually, when calibrating the locator of small valves, you can use the automatic calibration function of hand operator directly. But sometimes, it may have something wrong. In this case, you can use the manual calibration function instead. 

But if both of the functions don not work, you need to do these following things to check the problems:
1. You need to see the circuit of locator and make sure it is not blocked.
2. Due to the installation, you need to check if there is any jam fault during the opening and closing process.
3. Check if the parameter is right. For example, the model and size of a valve must be exactly same with the reality, especially the model. There are many implied parameters hidden in the model, if you choose the wrong one in hand operator settings, some unforeseen mistakes will be unveiled.
4. If the feedback rod of a locator is out of position, it will also make the calibration cannot be done successfully. Generally, due to the transportation and other reasons, the locknut on the feedback rod will be loose and make the feedback rod deviate from the original position, in this case, you need to readjust the position. Normally, for smart control valve, there is a specialized location hole on feedback rod, so, after shutting off the gas source, you can directly confirm the position of feedback rod by adjusting the hole. Because of the strong adaptability of locator, small shifts will not affect the function of smart locator. But if the shift is too big, it will make the automatic and manual calibration can not be done rightly.
                            Reason and Solution for the Failure of Locator Calibration