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Properties of V-port Ball Valve
Posted: 03/02/2016 17:51:20  Hits: 292
V-port ball valve also called as V-port stop valve or V-port controlling ball valve, is a kind of trunnion ball valves. It is also single-seat sealing ball valve, having the best controlling performance in all of ball valves. The V port has shearing with the metal seat, especially suitable for media containing fibers, tiny solid particles and slurry. V-port ball valve is one of the most popular valves at present. 

V port ball valve is a kind of ball valves. The closure member is V port on hemisphere. The port has a sharp cutting edge. Scrub existing between closure members has strong cutting-off force to media. The V port forms a fan area with runner of seat. The port can change sectional area of runner during rotation, realizing precise control on media. It is a kind of control valves for angle rotating, having the same sealing performance as common ball valves. So, the valve combines with regulation and on-off. Equipped with pneumatic or electric actuator, the valve is widely used in autonomous system in industry.

Materials: stainless steel, cast steel, carbon steel, special dual-phase steel, WCB, A105, 304, 604L, 316, 316L, etc.

Properties of V port ball valve
1. Monolithic structure of body: body of wafer and flanged V port ball valve is monolithic side mounted structure, having high rigidity. It cannot easily cause deformation and leakage.  
2. Up and down self-lubricating bearing: up and down self-lubricating bearing is installed inside the body, having large contact area with stem, high bearing capacity and low friction coefficient which can reduce the torque of valve.
3. Based on media and working conditions, metal hard sealing or PTFE soft sealing are chosen for seat. The sealing face of metal hard sealing seat is bead welded with cemented carbide. The surface is dealt with hard chromium plating, spray welding and ionic nitriding, which highly improve the service life and temperature resistance. Soft sealing PTFE seat has good sealing, corrosion resistance and wide application.
4. Economic usefulness: the body has light weight, and the stem has small toque. It also has small corresponding specifications of equipping pneumatic or electric actuator. Compared with other types of control valves, the valve has high price performance ration.
5. Wide applicable range for media: due to the shearing force between V port and seat and smooth runner, the media are not easily stored in inner cavity. Besides liquid media, the valve is more suitable for control media containing fibers and solid particles.
6. Precise control on small flow: the V port can realize precise control on small flow.
Properties of V-port Ball Valve