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Tarim Oilfield Supplies Gas Over 140 Billion CM
Posted: 11/03/2014 15:44:30  Hits: 1257
According to Tarim Oilfield Company of CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) data, Tarim oilfield so far has transported totally 140.535 billion cubic meters gas to the West-East Natural Gas Transmission Net within ten years. It vigorously promotes economic development and improves people's livelihood and environmental protection in the area along the line.

In September 2004, Tarim Oilfield began to supply gas to West-East Natural Gas Transmission pipeline. At present, the annual gas consumption of Tarim Oilfield to West-East natural gas transmission has increased from 351 million cubic meters in 2004 to 17.831 billion cubic meters in 2013. It benefits nearly 80 people and more than 3,000 companies in 14 provinces and more than 80 cities.

According to statistics from Tarim Oilfield, West-East Natural Gas Transmission supply natural gas nearly 18 billion cubic meters to replace standard coal about 23.94 million tons and reduce the amount of discharging harmful substances about 16.28 million tons.

When West-East Natural Gas Transmission pipeline is extending eastward, the natural gas pipeline network of more than 2,400 kilometers is spreading in the Tarim Basin. In 2013, the natural gas project favorable to people was put into operation in the whole line. The daily gas consumption has reached an average of 1.7 million cubic meters, driving more than four million people of all nationalities in Tarim Basin Rim and enterprises enter into the “Gasification Era”.

West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, South Water to North and West-East Power Transmission are the four projects in new century of China. The length of whole main pipeline is about 4,000 km. It was built in 2002 and also was put into production in 2004.

                                    Tarim Oilfield Supplies Gas Over 140 Billion CM