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Quality of Valve Products is Priority
Posted: 02/24/2016 11:59:06  Hits: 242
Nowadays, about 10% of valve market in China is occupied by foreign manufacturers. To change the current situation, improving the quality of valve products is priority. If Chinese valve manufacturers want to improve production efficiency, they should increase the investment on modern production line and enhance technical innovation. 

As key components for industrial manufacturing, valve products will usher opportunities on market. Valve products occupy quite high proportion in mechanical products. According to the statistics of developed countries, the output value of valves is summation of compressors, draught fans and pumps, accounting for about 5% of output value of the whole engineering industry. Meanwhile, as key constituent parts of important technical equipment, particularly in power, petrochemistry, metallurgy and urban water supply and drainage system, valve products play a key role and have high usage. 

Due to highly development of economic aggregate, developing countries represented by China drive oil & gas, power, petrochemistry and other downstream industries to develop, stimulating the demands for related vales, becoming the new engine for global valve industry growing. 

In terms of current scale of production, Chinese valve industry falls behind the age. Based on report, the age of valve industry highly developing in the past has gone. The market falls into downturn. Actually, the primary reason which causes the growth rate of valve industry slow down and manufacturers face with huge crisis of survival and development is not depressed environment. It is defects existing inside valve manufacturers. At present, the development concept of valve manufacturers still mark time. Backward production models are still popular and among of valve manufacturers cannot catch up with the steps of age advancing. 

The highly development of over-all situation of valve has expanded its influences on enterprises further. International market has higher requirements for quality, packaging and delivery time of valve products from china. Some are even extended to research and production of products, combining products with environment protection, energy resources and cultural environment. 

The insiders analyze that there are two aspects of reasons resulting in passivity on Chinese valve market. One is that Chinese valve products still fall behind foreign products. The quality still needs to be improved. The other is that some consumers have poor awareness of localization. Some even set threshold factitiously so that Chinese manufacturer cannot win the bidding when bidding with foreign manufacturers. 

Valve industry should change current productive relations, enhancing technical innovation to face with more and more serious homogenization. Under the rigorous situation, valve manufacturers should realize that valve products having low cost and low technical content are still full of market, which not only disturb the judgment and buying desire of consumers, but also stop valve market from transferring maturely.
Quality of Valve Products is Priority