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Pneumatic Gate Valve Has Wide Market Space
Posted: 08/09/2016 15:06:40  Hits: 28
With China carrying out energy conservation strategy, accelerating cultivation and development of strategic emerging industry, construction scale and service scope of sewage treatment industry in China will be expanded further. Construction market and operation market of sewage treatment will enter into a period of high development. Industrial integration is launched gradually. Market-oriented reform of sewage treatment will be promoted further. For this, pneumatic gate vale has wide market space on sewage treatment market.

China estimates that under the situation that treatment level is improved normally, investment on sewage treatment (containing treatment investment and operating expense) respectively reaches to 1.0583 trillion RMB and 1.3922 trillion RMB during the period of the 12th-Five-Year-Plan and 13th-Five-Year-Plan. For established control target, the investment on sewage treatment in China will respectively reach to 1.2781 trillion RMB and 1.5603 trillion RMB during the 12th-Five-Year-Plan and 13th-Five-Year-Plan.

The total market demands continue maintaining steady growth. Pneumatic gate valve which is indispensable for sewage treatment belongs to machinery manufacturing. Its market development is mainly influenced by the downstream application market. Vigorous market demands of sewage treatment is gradually growing with urbanization rate constantly growing, urban population quickly increasing, water supply of waterworks and sewage treatment scale of sewage treatment plant gradually expanding. So, sewage treatment needs large numbers of pneumatic gate valve and other environmental machinery equipment.

At present, Chinese sewage treatment equipment falls behind than developed countries. Comprehensive productivity of sewage treatment equipment in China is far away from meeting Chinese demands, having backward category structure, few categories and weak development capability. In various products, common mechanical products and primary products have large proportion while integrated equipment having modernization level is less or located at initial stage. Except for large key environmental enterprises, most of enterprises are lack of self-development capability of new products.

Pneumatic gate valve has poor quality and low technical level. 35%~40% of products are equivalent to international level in 1960’s and 1970’s. In current Chinese sewage treatment equipment, about 1/5 of products are limited production or eliminated and about 2/5 of products are products needing being modified. Although Chinese sewage treatment equipment is export, export treatment has low technical content. Export category, variety and regions are quite narrow, having weak competitive power on international market.

Advantages of pneumatic gate valve:
1. Low flowing resistance. The internal passageway of valve is straight. The media flow in line, having low resistance.
2. Less effort during on-off. Compared with globe valve, direction of disc is always vertical to flowing direction of media, not matter the valve is on or off.
3. Large height, long on-off time. Disc has larger on-off stroke. Falling is realized by screw.
4. Water hammer is not easily formed in pneumatic gate valve, because closing time is long.
5. Media can flow in random directions of two sides. The valve is installed easily and the two sides of passageway are symmetrical.
6. Structural length is smaller.
7. Pneumatic gate valve has simple shape, short structural dimensions, good manufacturing technology and wide range of application.
8. Pneumatic gate valve has compact structure. The valve has good rigidity, smooth passageway and low flowing coefficient. The sealing face is made of stainless steel and carbide alloy, extending service life. The valve uses PTFE packing, having reliable sealing, flexible operation.

Due to above advantages, pneumatic gate valve is widely applied in sewage treatment.
Pneumatic Gate Valve Has Wide Market Space