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Environmental Protection Equipment Promoting Valves
Posted: 04/09/2016 17:32:01  Hits: 164
With proportion of urbanization constantly growing and urban population increasing rapidly, water supply of water work and the scale of sewage treatment plant are increasing gradually. The diameter of pipe network is also increasing which requires large numbers of large or ultra-large diameter supply and drainage valve. Flood protection, drainage, irrigation, water supply and drainage, hydroelectric generation, water and soil conservation, water resources protection belonging to water conservancy engineering have exuberant demands for large or ultra-large diameter valve, which causing that capacity of large diameter valve still cannot meet the demands on downstream market. In the next few years, China will continue accelerating the new projects on governing of Huaihe River. Adding with the implement South-to-North Water Diversion Project, the demands for various valve products will be driven continually, especially large diameter gate valve, large diameter inlet butterfly valve of water turbine, ultra-large diameter inlet ball valve of water turbine, ultra-large diameter flow control valve and vacuum valve. The requirements for large or ultra-large diameter valve are higher than common valves and single product also has higher additional value, which have higher requirements for quality and processing of valves. 

Nowadays, only a few manufacturers can meet the requirements in China while most of manufacturers are still focusing on general diameter valve. In terms of the whole industry, the capacity of large diameter drainage valve will show the trend of steady growth. 

Sewage treatment playing a leading role
Environmental protection equipment includes irrigation gate, check gate, bar screen machine, disposal equipment after sludge and process equipment of solid wastage, firstly applied in sewage treatment. Environmental protection equipment is non-standard products, which requires that manufacturers should process products based on customers’ demands. The equipment does not have standardization, serialization and generalization, which requires that the environmental protection equipment suppliers should understand the demands of customers deeply and have the ability of quick design of product and technology, efficient supplying chain and refined quality control. The ability is based on experience gradually stored during long-term operation and it is also the primary competitiveness of environmental protection equipment suppliers.

In 20 years, the technological level of environmental protection equipment in China has been highly improved. Through accumulation of engineering practice and constant improvement, some manufacturers have already formed planning production. The level of products makes great progress, quality of products improved significantly and scope of market is also constantly expanding. Through scientific research for tackling, the level of equipment including design, processing, manufacturing and inspection made great progress. The technological level of products can meet the requirements of sewage treatment in China. Some manufacturers improve reliability and automation of equipment through using new materials to strengthen corrosion resistance of products. 

However, valve manufacturers in China are mainly small or medium corporations. And competition mainly concentrates on low-end products. Informal competition means are disturbing the market to expand, causing damage to valve manufacturing industry. With recombination of valve industry accelerating, in the future, the competition will focus on product quality and brand. The valve products will development into high technology, high parameter, strong corrosion resistance and long service life. For the huge demands, the valve industry in China will have a better prospect.

Drainage valve is an indispensable products mainly used for urban, construction, industry or daily sewage treatment. Low or medium pressure valves are most used, including butterfly valve and gate valve. Other products contain ball valve, check valve, vent valve, plug valve, diaphragm valve, reducing valve, control valve and mud valve. 

Sewage application mainly considers the sewage having been secondary treated by urban sewage treatment plant. The sewage has two application methods: direct reusing and direct application. Direct reusing is mainly used for irrigation of farmland and grassland near the waterworks. The path and method of reusing are limited by territory, inconvenient for distribution. Although the sewage has been strengthened manually and sterilized, it is not purified by nature, which may cause problems due to inappropriate application and control. 

Direct application is originated from water area. The water is taken from upstream and used in cities. Caused sewage is purified by urban sewage treatment plant and discharged into downstream, returning to water, which can be applied by cities or regions in downstream. Direct application combines social circulation and natural circulation of natural water organically. Within the limitation of self-purification capability of water, the application cannot cause damage. The method should be managed in macro, the first choice for continue application of water resources.
Environmental Protection Equipment Promoting Valves