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Electric Valve Will Usher in Unprecedented Market
Posted: 05/06/2016 16:10:12  Hits: 106
In recent years, with mechatronics developing, electric valve, the important mechanical product will usher in unprecedented market. Compared with traditional valves (manual valve and pneumatic valve, electric valve has less energy consumption, high security and reliability during operation. For the higher requirements for environmental protection and security, electric valve is indispensable. Huge market demands have higher and higher requirements for electric valve. Electric valve has wide application including petroleum, chemical engineering, power, nuclear energy, metallurgy, shipping, light industry, food and urban construction. In terms of product, electric valve has the advantages of convenient assemble, lower failure rate and meeting requirements for automation in industry. It is a cost efficient choice in industry. Conventional pneumatic valve should cooperate with piping, magnetic valve and compressor so that valve can be operated. Electric valve is driven by motor, easy for assemble. Moreover, assemble of electric valve just only needs to cooperate with intrinsic control circuit, which can reduce other costs.

Besides, driven by motor, the valve is opened or closed smooth without the disadvantages of overlarge instantaneous impact. Petroleum industry mainly uses API gate valve, globe valve and check valve; power industry mainly uses high pressure gate valve, globe valve, check valve, safety valve, drain valve, low pressure butterfly valve and gate valve; chemical industry mainly uses stainless steel gate valve, globe valve and check valve; metallurgy industry mainly adopts low pressure large dimension butterfly valve, oxygen globe valve and oxygen ball valve; urban construction mainly adopts low pressure valves, such as large dimension gate valve in urban water supply line, center line butterfly valve in buildings and metal sealing butterfly in urban heat supply system; flat gate valve and ball valve are mainly adopted in oil pipeline; stainless steel ball valve is mainly used in both pharmacy and food.

Electric valve is a new category in valve industry. So, electric valve has very wide market prospect. Casting enterprises should know much about electric valve, supplying castings to electric valve. Use electric valve as newly developing industry to promote casting industry to develop and receive new developmental force. With market trend transforming, electric valve also should change in proportion. For example, oil developing has been transferred from mainland oilfield to offshore oilfield and power has developed from thermal power below 300 thousand kilowatt to thermal power, hydropower and nuclear power above 300 thousand kilowatt. Electric valve also should change its performance parameter with application transforming. Urban construction will largely adopt low pressure electric valve and develop into environmental protection and energy conservation, gradually changing from low pressure cast iron gate valve to environment friendly rubber sheet valve, balance valve, metal sealing butterfly valve and center line butterfly valve. Oil and gas transmission projects are also changed into pipeline, which require large numbers of flat gate valve and ball valve. Construction of power station is also developed into large scale, which needs large dimension high pressure safety valve and reducing. Meanwhile quick on-off electric valve is also needed. To meet the requirements of complete engineering, supplying of electric valve has been changed from single category to multi categories and multi specifications. Electric valves used in a project have larger and larger trend that all of valve are supplied by only one electric valve manufacturer. 

In the future, with technology developing, electric valve will be developed into high technical content, high parameters, excellent corrosion resistance and long service life.
Electric Valve Will Usher in Unprecedented Market