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CPP Won Construction Projects in Thailand
Posted: 11/25/2014 08:54:45  Hits: 1375
Recently Thailand has held the compressor station of EPCC project bidding, Petroleum Pipeline Bureau eventually won the bid in the fierce competition in southeast Asia projects department. Gao Jianguo general manager of Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, southeast Asia project department, said "This is the first time pipeline bureau won the Thai compressor station construction project, and it is also the another important achievement of international strategy in pipeline bureau in recent years." 

The compressor station mainly includes four displacement compressor and auxiliary facilities. It plans to start in January 2015, the total duration of 28 months, the contract amount can reach $188 million, and the owner is Thailand's national oil company. After the completion of project, it through forcing the pressure into the Thai fourth pipeline. So as to make sure well enough to The fourth gas, Hong Kong Cowrie, Nakhon Sawan and Nakhon La Shi Ma, thus to make the residents can use the clean energy ,benefit the local people, improve the surrounding environment, obtain good economic and social benefits.

CPP won construction projects in Thailand