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Chinese Valve Industry Limited by Casting Technique
Posted: 07/15/2016 17:15:21  Hits: 34
In recent years, although manufacturing technology of valves in China makes a great progress, Chinese valve industry is still limited by casting technique for further development. Facing with more and more drastic competition on valve market and tenser and tenser resources market, amounts of wastage in casting is not only disadvantageous for Chinese valve industry saving, but also disadvantageous for Chinese valve industry fighting for larger living space on drastic market competition. It is also not advantageous for valve industry long-term development.

It is known that the total output of castings in China was 35.3 million tons, ranking the first in the world continuously in 2009, and grows annually at a rate of 10.9%, coving auto, energy, tool, pipeline pump and valve, aviation and mechanical machinery or other industries. However, the industrial problems are not optimistic. Extensive developing method having small enterprise scale, low industrial concentration, irrational product structure, poor innovation capability, backward equipment and technique, high investment, high consumption, high pollution, low efficiency and low benefits is shown. The industrial base is still weak.

To save cost of production and make larger production space for valve industry, Chinese valve industry must avoid material wastage during casting for long-term and healthy development. On the one hand, it can be realized by improving economy consciousness of casting workers; on the other hand, enterprise should enhance research and development, developing new casting technique or importing new casting equipment. Better avoid wastage during casting and realize the objective that saves cost of production and increase input-output.

At present, Chinese valve casting is still located in developing period, without core technologies, automatic control and top management team, resulting in large gap between Chinese valve casting and foreign valve casting. Under the background of constant developing, why is such large gap between Chinese valve casting and foreign valve casting. For this, experts have already summarized 4 points:
1. Lacking of new innovative talents. The basic reason is that government or enterprises neglect the cultivation of talents;
2. Lacking of sprit of breakthrough on technique;
3. Gap on quality control and equipment;
4. Gap on product manufacturing process.
Those 4 points lead to larger and larger gap between Chinese valve casting and foreign valve casting.  

For the outstanding problems existing in casting industry, enterprises having backward capacity will be eliminated gradually while demands for castings on home and abroad market cannot be inseparable from the small or medium enterprise. A longer eliminating process is necessary but the quality of castings will be gradually improved. For the valve in downstream industry, it is a challenge, for cost of production increasing and product quality growing. In the development of casting industry, valve enterprise should focus other factors such as electricity emissions, labor shortage and national policies having influences on casting industry, meanwhile pay more attentions to development transformation of casting industry and properly adjust themselves based on their own state of operation.

Chinese Valve Industry Limited by Casting Technique