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China Made Into Main Valve Manufacturing Base
Posted: 06/15/2016 15:39:01  Hits: 20
As a key link of mechanic equipment manufacturing, valve industry plays a key role in national economic development. Valve has large demands in important field having closed relationship with national interest and people’s livelihood, including large clean efficient power generation, ultra supercritical thermal power, gas steam cycle, large ship and large chemical tankers, carrier, CNG, atmospheric controlling, urban industrial wastewater treatment and urban pipeline network modification. For this, China pays high attention to valve industry and devotes itself to becoming global main valve manufacturing base. 

During the 11th-Five-Year-Paln, National Development and Reform Commission and other departments came up with the plan, striving for realizing localization of important valves. Among that, localization of 1000MW nuclear key valves and valves matching with millions tons of large ethane complete equipment was proposes. Through importing key technologies and self-development, combining with preferential from laws and policies, localization of special valve for large ethane equipment should reach 95%~100%. Special valve for coal chemical industry should figure out sealing pair for high temperature hydrogenation. Localization of some actuator should exceed more than 90%. For technologies of ultra supercritical thermal power, localization rate of valves should reach 80%~100%. Localization of valve industry acquired great achievement.

During the 12th-Five-Year-Plan, Chinese valve industry made a great progress. Based on statics, in 2015, there were more 1,806 up-scale enterprises (annual sales more than 20 million RMB) around China. Total assets were 194.8 billion RMB, increasing by 2.01% year-to-year. Yield of valve products was 9.9411 million tons, growing by 1.32%. Income of main businesses was 256.6 billion RMB, decreased by -0.47% year-to-year. Total profits were 17.2 billion RMB, declining by -5.78% on year-on-year basis. Rate of profit was 6.7%. Price index of valve products was 98.5%. Export delivery value was 34.4 billion RMB, reducing by -8.58% on year-on-year basis.

Though importing technologies, absorption, self-development and technology modification, the level of developing, design and manufacturing is high improved. At present, China has ability to provide valve products more than 3,000 models and 40,000 specifications. For parameters, nominal dimension ranges from DN3 to 8,000mm; pressure ranges from vacuum to 600MPa; temperature range from copious cooling -196℃ to high temperature 1200℃. Categories contains gate valve, globe valve, throttle valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve and diaphragm valve, check valve, safety valve, reducing valve, drain valve and control valve, 12 categories in total. The whole level has reached to level of moderately developed countries. Few products have reached or approach international advanced level. China has already had detection means and test conditions for conventional valves. Test beds for special valves, such as high temperature test, ultra low temperature test and full performance test of safety valve for nuclear power have been established.  

Through absorbing imported establish and self-development, especially tackling for localization of ultra supercritical thermal power valves carried out during the 12th-Five-Year-Plan, manufacturing level and quality of Chinese thermal power valves are highly improved, providing amounts of key valves for supercritical thermal power unit and ultra supercritical power unit.

At present, problems existing in Chinese valve manufacturing enterprises should be noticed. State-owned enterprises should exert themselves to improving system, perfecting modern enterprise institutions, to promote developing healthily. Struggling for more than 30 years, private enterprises have developed a lot. However, further development is quite difficult. Under the situation of overcapacity, enterprise should develop intelligent manufacturing based on sales volume, focusing on development core technologies and increasing additional values of products. 

With issuing of Made in China 2025 and the coming of the 13th-Five-Year-Plan, valve industry will usher in new developments in following industries:
1. Reheating safety valve, main steam gate valve, high plus three-way valve, main steam safety valve and high or low pressure bypass control valve used as key valves for large supercritical thermal power units;
2. Main steam isolating valve for 1000MW pressurized water reactor, proportional spray valve for voltage stabilizer, explosion valve, main steam safety valve and safety valve for voltage stabilizer used as key valves for large nuclear power plant;
3. Large diameter high temperature high pressure hydrogenation valve, 4-way bellows switching ball valve, high pressure abrasive control valve, pilot-operated safety valve and ultra-low temperature safety valve used for petrochemical industry and coal chemical industry;   
4. High pressure fully welded ball valve, forced sealing valve, high pressure plug valve, LNG low temperature ball valve, low temperature butterfly valve and low temperature axial flowing check valve matching for long distance gas pipe line and LNG equipment.

During the 13th-Five-Year-Plan, to realize scientific development and leading developing, valve industry should hold opportunities on domestic and abroad market to accelerate development, combining with Internet Plus and seamlessly connecting with Made in China 2025 and the Belt and Road. When developing new products, enterprise must combine market demands and figure out service condition of products, increasing new investment on technical innovation and developing high intelligent valve products, realizing updating of industry.
China Made Into Main Valve Manufacturing Base