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A Simple Analysis of Development of Regulating Valve
Posted: 02/17/2017 10:46:58  Hits: 17
The history of regulating valve can be tracked back to the earliest self-operated regulating valve. Its original structure is a kind of spherical valve with a heavy hammer, which was regulated by using the heavy hammer to balance the fluid action of spool. This kind of regulating valve turns into self-operated regulating valve by using the valve pressure to adjust. 

In 30s, regulating valve has various types. Global valve became a representative product. After 40s, angle valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves and ball valves have came out and took the leading position in the market. At the time, it has a complete range of products. In 60s, telescoping valve has soon drawn attention and became the main product of global valve. In 70s, the latest product is cam flexure valve. It has large capacity, simple flow path and small unbalanced force. These advantages have made it become very outstanding among quarter-turn valves.

At that time, various valves became more sophisticated and formed into a series. Meanwhile, side mounted booster valve(ΣF valve) has been successful developed. It was highly welcomed by many factories and customers due to its special structure, low mounting height and increased force. From 80s, people manufactured various kinds of light(or mini) regulating valve, which has main feature of pneumatic actuator. It uses multiple springs to replace the big one so that the pneumatic actuator may take place of old fashioned actuator, because the new one can miniaturize the valve and improve the capacity. Since 90s, with the appearance of intelligent valve, the development of regulating valve has opened a new chapter.

Pneumatic control valve industry in China starts late. Relevant factories and departments designed and manufactured valves all by themselves. Such as direct single seat regulating valve, double seat regulating valve, three way regulating valve, septum valve, butterfly valve, long stroke actuator and valve positioner. And these traditional products are still used until now.

The leap of pneumatic control valve started from 80s. Many factories introduced the advanced technology from foreigner countries. On the basis of improving the performance of existing products and further standardization and serialization, many factories developed side mounted pneumatic control valve, light regulating valve and other new products.

Nowadays, the valve market competition is intense. Manufacturers have to innovate and promote products so that they can take the leading position in the future.