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A Brief Analysis of Five Developing Trends of the Valve Market in China
Posted: 07/12/2017 16:56:22  Hits: 15
The market trends of valves are closely related to our lives, such as the API standard gate valves, globe valves and check valves are mainly applied to the petrochemical industry; gate valves with large diameters are mainly used for urban water supply pipelines; center line butterfly valves are mainly applied to building construction; butterfly valves with metal seals are used in urban heat supply; flat gate valves and ball valves are mainly applied to oil pipelines and stainless steel ball valves are mainly used for the pharmaceutical industry. The petrochemical industry, power sector, metallurgical sector, chemical industry and urban construction department control the development of the valves' market.
Five Developing Trends of the Valve Market in China
China's valve manufacturing industry's main competitive threat is from foreign companies. China's valve manufacturing is faced with competitive pressure due to foreign transnational corporations. With the gradual improvement of China's economy, foreign transnational corporations enter Chinese valve market, becoming the existing competitors. Faced with this unhealthy development environment, we believe that valve enterprises should focus on independent innovation and establish their own brand value. 

According to an analysis, the market trends of valve products in the next period of time are as follows:
1. Selections of valves are developing from single type to various types due to the demand for the complete engineering. There is a obvious trend that all the valves of an engineering project will be supplied by a valve manufacturer in the near future.

2. Urban construction system generally adopts a large number of low-pressure valves and changes towards environment protection and energy saving development. That is, low-pressure iron gate valves which were used in the past are replaced by balance valves, butterfly valves with metal seals as well as center line butterfly valves. Oil and gas engineering projects make pipelines develop, which requires a lot of flat gate valves and ball valves.

3. Safety valves and pressure reducing valves with large diameters and high pressure are in demand due to the large scale development of power plants' construction. 

4. The other side of energy development is energy saving, and therefore, we need to develop steam hydrophobic valves with subcritical and supercritical high parameters from the perspective of energy conservation.

5. With the petroleum development gradually transferring to the mainland and offshore oil field as well as the electric power industry developing from the below 300,000 kilowatts thermal power to the over 300,000 kilowatts thermal power, hydropower and nuclear power, the performance and parameter of valve products should also be improved to adapt to the rapid changes in the equipment applications.