• A Simple Analysis of Development of Regulating Valve
    Posted: 02/17/2017 10:46:58  Hits: 13
    The history of regulating valve can be tracked back to the earliest self-operated regulating valve. Its original structure is a kind of spherical valve with a heavy hammer, which was regulated by using the heavy hammer to balance the fluid action of spool. This kind of regulating valve turns into se...
  • Pneumatic Gate Valve Has Wide Market Space
    Posted: 08/09/2016 15:06:40  Hits: 23
    With China carrying out energy conservation strategy, accelerating cultivation and development of strategic emerging industry, construction scale and service scope of sewage treatment industry in China will be expanded further. Construction market and operation market of sewage treatment will enter ...
  • Chinese Valve Industry Limited by Casting Technique
    Posted: 07/15/2016 17:15:21  Hits: 29
    In recent years, although manufacturing technology of valves in China makes a great progress, Chinese valve industry is still limited by casting technique for further development. Facing with more and more drastic competition on valve market and tenser and tenser resources market, amounts of wastage...
  • China Made Into Main Valve Manufacturing Base
    Posted: 06/15/2016 15:39:01  Hits: 19
    As a key link of mechanic equipment manufacturing, valve industry plays a key role in national economic development. Valve has large demands in important field having closed relationship with national interest and people’s livelihood, including large clean efficient power generation, ultra sup...
  • Electric Valve Will Usher in Unprecedented Market
    Posted: 05/06/2016 16:10:12  Hits: 104
    In recent years, with mechatronics developing, electric valve, the important mechanical product will usher in unprecedented market. Compared with traditional valves (manual valve and pneumatic valve, electric valve has less energy consumption, high security and reliability during operation. For the ...
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