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Introduction and Installation of Y Strainer
Posted: 11/10/2015 16:58:57  Hits: 660
Y-type strainer is often used in steam system, which usually installed on the upstream of the trap, control valve and other equipment. To facilitate maintenance, the end of the strainer pipe is removable. And there can be a discharge connection on the cover.

Y-type strainer has the advantages of advanced structure, small resistance, convenient sewage, etc. Suitable media for Y-type strainer are water, oil, gas. Generally, water net is 18-30 mesh, ventilation net is10-100 mesh and oil net is 100-480 mesh.

Usage of Y-type strainer usually follows some rules. First of all, it is usually used to separate small number of impurities. Compared with the same specifications of basket strainer, the dirt storage capacity of Y-type strainer is smaller.

Y-type strainer should be installed horizontally in the steam and gas systems, with filter chamber and piping at the same horizontal plane so that to avoid water accumulation and erosion and not cause heat transformation. If the fluid flows downwardly, filter chamber in the liquid system can be installed vertically and trivial impurities will be retained in the filter chamber. But if the fluid flows vertically, you can not install it vertically, otherwise, the impurities will fall back into the pipeline.

                                   Introduction and Installation of Y Strainer