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Installation Considerations of Ceramic Valves
Posted: 12/28/2015 14:51:12  Hits: 604
As the new products, ceramic valves now have been widely used in thermal power plants, iron and steel, petroleum, chemical, papermaking, bio-engineering and other industries. And there are five points which you should pay attention to when installing and maintaining a ceramic valve.

1 Ceramic valves should be installed vertically (valve stem in a vertical position, the hand wheel at the top);
2 If a ceramic valve is frequently switched on/off, then you should do lubrication at least once a month;
3 Check the packing site. It is required to have a tight compression to ensure the sealing of packing and flexible on/off;
4 Hand wheel, handle and drive mechanism are not allowed to use for lifting and collision is forbidden;
5 When installing a ceramic valve, a necessary space should be left for the valve driver.
This technical article tells us five points about the installation considerations of ceramic valves.