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Innovation of Chinese Pneumatic Control Valve
Posted: 06/05/2015 09:28:27  Hits: 310
Pneumatic control valve industry in China is facing great competition and the future trend of pneumatic control valve is the concern for businesses and customers. It has become an important topic in valve market.

Pneumatic control valve plays a very important role in automatic control of modern factory. The production of these factories depends on the proper distribution and control of the flowing liquids and gases. No matter these controls are energy exchange, pressure drop or simple container feed, they are all finished by some final control elements which can be considered as the "strength" for automatic control.

Between the low energy level of regulator and the high energy level which is needed to control the flow of fluid, it is the final control elements that complete the amplification of necessary power.

First of all, using electricity to drive the energy, electric control valve is convenient and reliable, with sufficient resources. Second, pneumatic control valve is subject to some limitations from all respects. Drove by gas source, the installation for pneumatic control valve is more difficult. Some experts made a detailed analysis to point out that compared with electric control valve, without obvious advantages, pneumatic control valve is still facing big competition in valve market, but it will not be eliminated in the next two hundred years for there is a lot of space to improve the performance and materials of pneumatic control valve. Particularly, we need to make great efforts in its performance, sensitivity, installation, and efficient energy-saving to make the valve play the greatest production efficiency and meet the highest level.
Innovation of Chinese Pneumatic Control Valve