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Features of Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves
Posted: 05/23/2015 17:22:00  Hits: 347
1.Blocking and excretion: with spring preload floating seat, no matter the trunnion mounted ball valves are in full open or closed situation, the upper and downstream of the seat can block the fluid. Also, the retentate in the valve cavity can be discharged by drain valve.

2. Automatic pressure release: if the medium stayed in the valve body cavity, then the temperature will be increased and thus can lead to the abnormal pressure. At this time, instead of using relief valve to release the pressure, the seat of trunnion mounted ball valve can do this itself and it is really important to guarantee the safety of valve when transporting the liquid medium. If the medium is stayed in the medium cavity, the seat will separate from the sphere to release the pressure automatically or the relief valve which is installed on the valve body will work and guarantee the safety of the system.

3. Completely sealing: trunnion mounted ball valves can block the fluid completely with their unique sealing way.

4. Fire prevention structure: once has fire or the valve is damaged by Teflon due to the abnormal temperature, trunnion mounted ball valves can still do reliable operation. At the same time, the mesh block can contact with the sphere.

5. Emergency grease injection: due to the foreign body in the medium or fire accident, the sealing of seat can be fail unexpectedly. At this time, grease injection valves provide a quick connection with grease gun so as to inject sealing grease into valve seat and mitigate leakage problem.

6. Reliable stem sealing and low operating torque: in addition to the standard sealing ring, the "o" type sealing ring is also equipped on the packing gland to guarantee the seal of stem. After adding the graphite packing and injecting the sealing grease, the stem leakage can be declined to the lowest after the fire.                           
                                      Features of Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves