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Features of Modular Three-way Ball Valves
Posted: 06/18/2015 16:06:52  Hits: 490
Features of Modular Three-way Ball Valves

1. In addition to the general advantages of small fluid resistance, quick on and off, good sealing performance and so on, modular three-way ball valves are simple, lightweight and durable because of the integral structure design. Compared with the usual two-way ball valves, without the two bolts in the middle of flanges, modular three-way ball valves have less leak points and better sealing performance. With PTFE seat, they will have longer service life with better pressure and temperature resistance, as well as being more wearproof.

2. Instead of playing the function of three-way switch, straight-floating ball valve in modular three-way ball valves only plays the on and off role on one side of the high-pressure system. Therefore, even if the assembling preload of the body and seat disappeared after a period of time and result a gap between the body and valve seat, the media pressure from the high pressure side can still push the body into the exit side of the seat and make them contact closely when the valve is off. From this you can see that compared with traditional L-way ball valves, modular three-way ball valves have better sealing performance. 

3. Modular three-way ball valves have same structure length and connection size with conventional L-way ball valves, and it is convenient to replace the valve.

4. Modular three-way ball valves are easy to operate and have the same operation with conventional L-type three-way ball valves.

5. With integral structure design, it can effectively prevent the outleakage problem and make the overall design more perfect.
Features of Modular Three-way Ball Valves