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Features and Structure Technology of 2-Way Butterfly Valve
Posted: 06/11/2015 10:06:35  Hits: 295
Butterfly valves are used on pipelines to transport all kinds of corrosive or non-corrosive media in the engineering systems of furnace, gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas, hot and cold air, chemical refining, power generation, building water supply and so on, playing the role of regulating and cutting off the flow of media.

Features of 2-Way Butterfly Valve
1. Its sealing pressure can be adjusted randomly because of the special structure, so that the sealing surface is not easy to be damaged. Thus the valve will have longer service life.
2. With small torque and 90 degree of opening and closing, 2-way butterfly valve is easy to operate.
3. It has small flow resistance, good hydraulic characteristic and energy-saving performance, and there is no requirement for the water flow direction.
4. With reliable sealing performance, it has 20,000 opening and closing times and long service life of more than 20 years.

Structure Technology of 2-Way Butterfly Valve
1. Two-way butterfly valve has two-way bearing, simple structure, light weight, easy operation, reliable performance, multiple functions and elegant design, and it is easy to maintain.
2. After the installation of butterfly valve, the disc can be easily replaced and adjusted in the valve body.
3. Because of the balanced-shaped structure with good stiffness, there will have big flow area and small flow resistance, so that the valve is not easy to jitter in fully open situation. On the contrary, when in fully closed situation, this kind of structure can effectively prevent the excessive deformation of sealing ring and avoid the leakage problem.
4. Because of the stainless steel material of sealing surface, 2-way butterfly valve has good scratch and cavitation resistance and hardness stability. Test has proved that under the conditions of 2.5 Mpa pressure, there was no rub phenomenon even a butterfly valve opens 25,000 times in a row and it greatly improves the service life.
5. Double eccentric two-way metal seal butterfly valve can have different drive mode, such as pilot, pneumatic, electric, turbine and so on.
Features and Structure Technology of 2-Way Butterfly Valve